Creating Just Communities

Abundantsun is present in the UK, USA and Portugal. It is a boutique specialising in cultural transformation for leaders, companies and communities that have an enduring commitment to organisational justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

We address systemic issues and identify business strengths and opportunities through systems scrutiny, partnering with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to enable cultures to come to the fore.

Strategic planning


"Capitalising on the power of connectivity".


We identify with your business, your goals and your vision to develop a culture transformation strategy that supports the organisation's business objectives.

We take a human approach in the pursuit of skills and competencies to ensure a healthy and inclusive working environment.

We empathise with all levels of organisations to help the company strengthen relationships that enable it to achieve high performance with the core of organisational justice.

Coaching and networking of senior executives


"Be captain of your own ship".


The summit may be hard and lonely

We organise forums where leaders learn from each other about their journeys to inclusion.

We provide training to address current practices. And design strategies for inclusive ethical growth.

Thus they emerge as "captains" on a course where they are engaged and in harmony with their environment, enjoying a smooth ride with wind in their sails.

Educational curriculum


Knowledge must be allowed to develop


You cannot "fix diversity" with a single one or two-hour training course. Even less so without a strategic plan. We offer education in the context of a broader vision.

The education we offer is rooted in the company's mission and is directly linked to its strategic plan. We create a customised educational curriculum by studying your industry, your history, your current challenges and opportunities for growth.

We equip our clients with skills and knowledge so that they themselves can continue to expand and improve their cultures, long after the day-to-day has passed.

Participatory governance models


Strengthen integrity, camaraderie and accountability.


We are often asked to set up "Culture Committees".

We organise them, identifying key people through an objective assessment of their skills and talents and bringing them together under an appropriate governance structure to drive successful and sustainable cultures.