Research programmes

4Is-Regional Indicators

Integral system that through "intelligence", "Innovation". "Investment" and "Inclusion" measures progress, inclusive behaviour and policies, as well as the attractiveness of the city/region, to make it a "preferred city to live, work and invest in".

Diversity Observatory

A system that monitors the evolution of the scenario in all dimensions and behaviours that allows institutions to anticipate changes in order to introduce diversity policies that allow them to move forward with sustainable development.

Demographic Change Laboratory

Analysis of the impact of the demographic curve on the organisation and its environment. The cost of loss of experience and dysfunction between the age of the workforce and that of customers and external agents. Drives the development of inter-generational policies as a major corporate value.

Gender Equity Lab 

Indicators that measure the impact of the presence of women in the different areas of the organisation on the organisation's results. Evaluation of the selection and promotion processes for both men and women in the process of including their values.

Disability Lab 

Identification of factors influencing the integration of staff with disabilities into the workforce. Measurement of the weight between competencies, skills, suitability for the position and acceptance by the rest of the workforce. Evaluation of selection processes, promotion and inclusion of their values.

Diversity Index of Excellence 

Development of a ranking of companies and entities by their relative position with other organisations for the value and results of their diversity inclusion policy for all their internal and external audiences. As well as the value of their contribution to social and economic sustainability.

Group innovation 

Evolution of the methodological process to promote the innovation capacity of groups in which its components have different profiles. The composition of these profiles and their adaptation to those of the organisation's internal and external agents. System for measuring results.


Continuous internal audit system, self-awareness of the staff profile, analysis of the potential of internal diversity as an asset to identify activities that need to be redesigned to ensure optimal effectiveness of its communication and logistics process.

Specific research 

Quantitative and qualitative studies required by the company or entity for the sustainable development of its human capital and its contribution to the organisation's profit and loss account.

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