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Foresight is a discipline that looks into the future to better manage the present.

It is based on a series of methodologies through which possible scenarios are designed to provide strategic guidance for companies, institutions and individuals.

Tendencias21 is a journal that for more than 30 years has been drawing scenarios from the knowledge that emerges from scientific research in the most diverse strategic disciplines.

Our excellent relations with the scientific community, which has accompanied us throughout our publishing life, including two Nobel Prize winners, allow us to offer a guidance service for companies and institutions based on the latest advances in science.

They are useful tools for leadership, strategy design and, most importantly, for the harmonisation of teams and wills within companies and institutions.

Tendencias21 has created a knowledge community that brings together a select group of experts in different disciplines, as well as a top-level scientific committee, through which the various advisory and implementation services we offer are channelled.

Tendencias21's relationship with the European Institute for Diversity Management (EIDM) goes back to the early years of our editorial experience and throughout this time we have collaborated in both the design of scenarios and the implementation of strategies that have proved successfu

With the IEGD we also share our range of services We are confident that, together, we will be able to shape a more harmonious global and local scenario in the relations between human beings of all origins and with nature.

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