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"Diversity will be the critical factor that will make the 21st century unique".

(Abernathy & Utterback)


Sandra Deltell Diaz

Sandra Deltell Diaz

Partner-Director of PWC in the Community of Valencia and responsible for the corporate Inclusion and Diversity policy and explains the commitment and the path of this discipline in the corporation.

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Good practices

#Meandyoutoo Self-diagnostic tool

The web application #Meandyoutoo is a digital tool that allows you to anonymously detect any type of discrimination in the workplace with a simple self-diagnosis in order to prevent and raise awareness of these behaviours.

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TMB has a policy of inclusion and sustainability that includes the actions of its suppliers to guarantee quality and fairness in the treatment of all its people and avoids any kind of discrimination.

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Womwn Forward Fundation

The Woman Forward Foundation, in collaboration with the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, has carried out a study on "Men's vision of equality in Spanish companies".

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Gestionar la Diversidad genera innovación.

Managing Diversity generates innovation.

Professor Joseph Di Stefano and his team at the University of Lausanne have been instrumental in proving that the capacity for innovation lies in inclusive groups in any human organisation.

The research was carried out in countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany) and 72 groups of companies and institutions in those countries.

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Inlexa, Innovation Award

Ruth Raventós Co-Founder & CEO of Neiro Innovación Software & Inlexa based at the Parc Tecnològic de Barcelona Activa in Barcelona has developed an outstanding tool to facilitate inclusive language and make it an everyday practice in companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors.

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J.E.D.I. Programme

Managing diversity well is a legal, social and business imperative, making it possible to meet new challenges and create more inclusive work environments.

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Twitter is leading a momentous transformation in corporate America.

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22 October and 18 November

Presentation of the book El Poder de la Diferencia in the bookshops LE in Pablo Alcocer, 8 in Madrid and GARBI located in Via Augusta 9 in Barcelona.

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2 December

Module #4 J.E.D.I. Programme


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1st December

Module #3 J.E.D.I. Programme

LGBTI+ DIVERSITY AND INTERCULTURALITY with Antonio Liu Yang and Francisco Gallego

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30 November

Module #2 J.E.D.I. Programme

FROM EQUALITY TO INCLUSION with Patricia Madrona and Claudia Issa

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