Anna Zelno

Ana Zelno is a relevant Innovation and Diversity Strategist and trainer in Interculturality. She has been president of the Intercultural Network where she actively promotes evaluation and training projects for the inclusion of cultural diversity.

He is co-founder of Academy for Diversity and Innovation, organises face-to-face and webinars on equity, diversity and inclusion and interculturality for participants in Spanish-speaking countries. He lectures and publishes widely on social innovation.

She has been an active member of the European Institute for Diversity Management team since 2012. She has been involved in projects co-financed with European funds, in training programmes for the business world and in the international dissemination of EIMD activities.


Anna Zelno has deep experience of devotion to issues of great significance on today's stage:

• Change management

• Business strategy

• Non-profit organisations

• Management consultancy