Oct 26, 2021

Twitter leads momentous transformation in corporate America.

Its president, Anton Andryeyevhas been running a company of 3638 employees with a turnover of 2210 million dollars and 521,000,000 in profits from his 2000m2 home on Kauai, on the island of Hawaii, for the past two years, reports Elizabeth Dwoskin. The experience of Twitter, which authorises and encourages its executives to work from home or wherever they want to work from now on, is an example for the rest of the corporate world to learn from and imitate. It is a profound transformation of work that Andryeyev sees as fundamental to how to operate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has already begun and will be the new way of life in the future.

However, Twitter has not closed its offices, as they provide a meeting place for employees, teams and permanent services. Many of its former offices are now rented out as an additional business for the company, which has huge consequences for the real estate sector. Certain company spaces must find other uses, an opportunity for the owner companies to develop a parallel economic activity and for the real estate sector in general, which will see large spaces available that will possibly change the rental costs and the sale value of these spaces.


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