Sandra Deltell Diaz

Oct 26, 2021

Partner-Director of PwC in the Community of Valencia and responsible for the corporate Inclusion and Diversity policy and explains the commitment and the path of this discipline in the corporation.

How does PwC structure its diversity policy?

The diversity inclusion policy is a corporate strategy that affects the entire workforce of the organisation; it is the responsibility of a person or team reporting directly to the organisation's top management. Its effectiveness must be measurable in tangible and intangible ways.

Whoever leads the diversity team / committee / council must know how to form a group of people representing all areas of the organisation so that its components feel integrated, and a sense of belonging is stimulated among all its members, which also allows establishing an interactive communication channel between the management group and all employees wherever they are located in the organisation's organisation chart.

How do you explain the commitment and the trajectory of this management in the company?

The commitment and the path of this discipline in the corporation is defined from the top of the organisation, both in Spain and internationally. Our global chairman has created a Global Diversity and Inclusion Council made up of ten senior leaders representing different areas of its business and operations,

recognising that progress in accelerating our achievements is a shared responsibility and must be driven from the highest levels of our network.

What are the functions of this council?

This council is responsible for identifying programmes, initiatives and policies to be adopted at the global level, supporting Territorial and Regional Diversity Leaders to implement meaningful interventions at the local level, and setting the expectations of leaders in each country for R&D.

Is diversity policy a social or business priority for PwC?

In 2004, a global approach was developed in which diversity was recognised as a business imperative and an enabler of our international strategy. And in 2015 Diversity & Inclusion was assumed as the network's priorities, in the leadership structure and global governance bodies. In 2020, with the appointment of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council, we refreshed and re-launched the global strategy to address global inequalities, prioritising shared responsibility, transparency and inclusive leadership.

The corporation aims for gender parity in its membership structure.


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