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The European Institute for Managing Diversity
Is a non for profit organisation founded in 1996, with headquarters in Barcelona and which operates across the European Union.

The inclusion of the Diversities of all persons – generate innovation, creativity and quality of life – thus contributing to sustainable development

Give support to companies and institutions – at local as web as at global level – to develop strategic programs which tend to include and optimise the diverse profiles of its clients ( internal and external); with the objective of creating a supportive environment which generates better corporate results through the satisfaction and efficiency of all its persons in the workplace, as well as facilitating the balance of professional, family and personal life of all its Human Capital.

From Equal Opportunities to Diversity Inclusion
In the 80s, the corporate world in the United States implemented a profound transformation going from equal opportunities policies based on positive actions addressed to minorities in the organisations; to managing the inclusion of the diverse profiles of all its Human Resources – demographic as web as organisational differences, in search of leveraging the most valuable resource of the company; its persons.

Anglo-Saxon and North-European companies soon incorporated this strategy as a corporate policy. Companies in the South of Europe have lagged behind and are gradually implementing diversity inclusion and conciliation policies to respond to the evident positives results of these policies both to the corporation as well as to society.

In 2000 The Conference Board of Europe, set up the European Council for diversity and Work7Life Issues, as a platform of debate and exchange of experience which members are major corporations and institutions participate. Organizations which Manage Diversity Inclusion as corporate policy. Some of these companies are:

Sara Lee International
Instituto Europeo para la
Gestión de la Diversidad
(European Institute for
Managing Diversity)

Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Cadbury Scheweppes plc
Propter & Gamble Europe SA
Philips International B.V.
British American Tobacco plc
Jansen Pharmaceutica N.V.
AB Volvo
BP plc
BD Europe
UCB Group
Deutche Bank
Toyota Motor Europe
Air Products
British Telecom
Ikea Services B.V.
IBM Belgium sa/nv
Guidant Corporation
Shell International
Hewelett-Packard SARL
Deutche Lufthansa AG
Deutche Telekom Group
DaimlerChrysler AG
Commerzbank AG
Lilly Deutschanlad
Cambell Germany
Allianza AG