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It is an evidence that visible and non-visible Diversity; demographic and organisational differences, make up the Human Resources community of all companies and institutions. Create awareness of this reality, to all members of the organisation, must be a constant activity. To turn Diversity into an Added Value to the company, it is compulsory to promote: an environment of constant sensibility to leverage diversities with respect as motors of innovation, creativity and profits; as well as to create a working environment where ALL employees operate with satisfaction.

Awareness programs and training are focus to:

Different levels of the organisation in order to contribute to success in the implementation of Diversity Policies.

And are oriented to create sensibility en persons of the diversity map that identifies the different characteristics of the group members or of the business unit,- and of ALL en company workforce in general.

Training programs are addressed to provide tools which:
- manage inclusion of multicultural population
- increate efficiency of all functions ( meeting, team building, etc)
- optimise time management of all the entrepreneurial process and of personal life.


Upper Management.
Awareness sessions and training for strategic development of Diversity Corporate Policies at international and national level for decision makers.

Middle Managers.
Awareness sessions and training for managers and executives for the internalisation of Corporate Diversity Policies y their later implementation and adaptation to the needs and realities of company local sites .

Awareness sessions and training addressed to ALL employees of the organisation, in order to promote an attitude of inclusion; liberate their potentialities; and to leverage the contributions of all persons from their diverse profiles and perspective