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Diversity in SMEs - The Social Economy
Social Economy emerges, when small and flexible is efficient and sustainable in the new realities imposed by the demographic, geographic and productive diverse environments.
“The are no big or small companies.
There are successful companies or those that fail”
All companies operate and compete in international,
multicultural ana global markets.
Their size does not guarantee their business success y viability.
Small and Middle sizes companies are not exempt of performing the entire entrepreneurial process “to keep alive” in the changing markets.

The new economic paradigm reveal that the larger the globalisation, all the higher is the weigh that small companies and reduced production units have in the socio-economy.


Diversity inclusion Management is not exclusive of major corporations.
To sustain competitive positions in the present markets, Small and Middles sizes companies have to integrate into their management system the same principles and mechanisms demanded by the diverse external environments.

  • Attract and retain employees of diverse profiles.
  • Constantly create and innovate products and services which meet the needs of a client population which is more and more diverse in culture, priorities and demands, and who go beyond the tangibles when it comes to be loyal to their suppliers.
  • Interact with local community where they operate to optimise the resources and systems available.

The Company as a Task Force to manage inclusion of diversity profiles

“Disregard the ideas of others is renouncing to an endless source of innovation, creativity and alternative solutions!

The challenge facing SMEs and Micro companies lies in the fact that they do not always have the human, financial and technology resources to keep a high degree of management based on the need to have employees – human resources of diverse profiles capable of matching the external diversities of their publics. And at the same time, create a flexible internal environment to foster work/life balance of its peoples – of the internal Human Capital.

Entrepreneurs and managers of small companies must assume a polity based on extending the limits of their operation to include and attract the collaboration of their employees, partners, clients, suppliers and stakeholder of the community, in order to contribute to the Company as a Task Force that goes beyond its boundaries.

           External Work Teams

“The company as a Task Force gives small and middle sized organisations the possibility to count with the contribution of external human resources, of very different profiles and talent, which allow them to compete in the area of innovation and creativity in the new socio-economic realities.”

                  Diversity in teams: potentialities and management possibilities

Model for the implementation of a Corporative Policy of Diversity (Gonzalo Sánchez, Professor of the University of Cádiz)

                   Managing Diversity, University of Cádiz