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Promoting regional development through diversity inclusion - IxD
The increase in diversities is a factor that not only conditions, but alto determines the development of modern societies
It is a proven fact that the capacity of societies to develop depends fundamentally in its human resources; that is, on the whole set of knowledge, capabilities and abilities of its citizens.
Research by Rosabeth Moss Kanter (1995) of the University of Harvard, the Booking Institute or Richard Florida (2002), of Carnegie Melon University, demonstrate that open cities are better prepared to respond to the present needs of today’s changing, competitive and technology oriented society.

 Madelyn Yucht

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

 Richard Florida


The European Institute for Managing Diversity together with Professor Gonzalo Sánchez of the research centre of the University of Cadiz, have developed the 4Is Indicators which evaluate the degree to which cities, as social communities, are prepared to leverage its diversities, measure progress, the behaviour and inclusion policies , as well as their capacity of the region to become a “preferred place to live, work and invest in”.

The “4Is Indicator System” is made up of four major areas of measurement which describe the four basic dimensions of the phenomenon analysed:

measure the capacity to integrate the different segments of the population of the city/region.

reflects the level y distribution of knowledge / talent in the population; to measure its capacity to create and innovate and therefore contribute to the efficiency of the productive sector.

values the degree to which the city is capable to attract and retain investments that contribute to a more dynamic economy, that creates jobs and that generates wealth and economic value.

measure the capacity of its citizens, its researchers, its companies and institutions to generate knowledge to leverage development and a sustainable society

The 4Is Indicators applied to the 8 provinces of Andalucía, prove that Granada has a predominant position regarding its capacity to develop, as reflected by the high degree of intelligence, considerably superior to the rest of the provinces. And Almería holds the most relevant position regarding its capacity to include its highly diverse population given its heterogeneous culture; as well as for its high potential to attract investments with which finance its business projects and create employment.

The results of the 4Is Indicators allows all social, economic and political agents to identify and address the strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and threats of the city/region scenario.

       Indicators of Almeria
Model for Regions IEGD
Report, Richard Florida