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Innovation, Creativity and Efficiency
Only 10% of well defined Strategic Plans
get implemented.
Fortune 1997

Competitive capability y results of companies and organisations in the new environment do not depend primarily in cost reductions.

La efficiency of companies and depend in the capacity of its persons - of its human capital - to innovate and create products and services, organisational process, creative solutions, business alternatives, which leverage the diverse needs of its social agents in the environment (clients, suppliers, shareholder….)

Multi-culture and multi-diversity of employees of the organisation is key to constantly re-invent and hold a leading edge in the new typology of markets.

Cultural difference fosters higher potential to propitiate effective interaction among members of a team. New points of view, open new alternatives.

Because the very diverse nature of cultures, provide major sources of creativity. Hold richness in its code of values which contribute to the resolution of the complexity and challenges which today confront organisations.

Demographic differences facilitate the identification of the needs of external publics of the organisation, and contribute to create products and services to attract and retain new market cluster; as well as to develop new relation of loyalty that contribute to the sustainability of companies


Professor Joe DiStefano and his team of collaborators at the University of y Lausanne have been able to prove that:
Homogeneous groups tend to obsolescence – as its persons tend to repeat old strategies.
Diverse groups tend to chaos, as the cultural demographic and organisational differences become barriers to positive interaction.
Only diverse groups well managed to leverage the inclusion of different profiles and cultures of its persons, are those with major rate of innovation, creativity and efficiency in organisations.

New problems cannot be solved using the tools that built them