European Projects

The EIMD has participated in different European Union co-financed projects addressing different areas which impact on demographic and cultural diversities, as well as less favoured groups. Some examples:

In-diversity is a “Leonardo da Vinci” transfer of innovation project. The project focuses on cultural diversity based on the origin of people as a group and not as individuals.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

EQUAL DG V project “Tots els Temps en un Temps” ( “All Times in one Time). A model for an inclusive Barcelona that takes into account the value of time of its diverse residents. Project Leader: Fundación María Aurelia Capmany.

Program oriented to create a quality certificate for Human Resource management which includes a diversity and gender dimension. Project leader; Progetto Donna of Italy
                                            VISION 2000

Socio-professional inclusion of disabled persons through the arts. Project leader: Aster Ego of France
                                            Presentation MARIO
                                            MARIO Model

Analysis of the social and economic impact of the ageing population in the European Union. Recommendations. Project leader: Aster Ego of France
                                            SCALITY Inform

Playing for Interculturality

Course of Managing Diversity in the University of Valencia and the Institute for Women Studies.

Research the state of the art of Diversity Management in different areas. The situation of SMES in Europe regarding Diversity and the implementation of policies and best practice. Survey towards the Commission Panel to evaluate the degree of implementation of Diversity policies in the corporate community. Rol of Diversity Charters and its benefits to states and corporations in Europe. Research the relation between a diverse work-force and the generation of INNOVATION in companies. The situation of academia regarding research on diversity and its management; as well as the development of Diversity Management as part of the curricula. Consortium made up of Focus Consultancy, EABIS, EIM and EIMD .

 Task 1 - Research with the European Business Test Panel

  Task 2 - The SME Business Case for Diversity

  Task 3 - Diversity and Innovation

  Task 4 - The Role of Diversity Charters

  Task 5 - Diversity Management & Business Schools

  Continuing the Diversity Journey