Playing for Interculturality

Introduction to the project P4I - Playing for Interculturality is a European project, ref. 518475-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-GMP, funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig subprogram. The project has been approved in 2011 and will be implemented within the 2 years.

Background and main objective While the latest tendencies point at a rather low level of adult population participation in lifelong learning initiatives, despite the increasing efforts in promotion and diversity of programmes, the project aims at developing a social game, offering innovative and attractive means to develop intercultural and key competences.

Target group The P4I - Playing for Interculturality is addressed to all adult training practitioners, as well as teachers, trainers and experts on the use of innovative teaching methodologies, from different educational sectors.

Research During the life time of the project specific research activities will be carried out on web-based game initiatives in adult education, and intercultural competences will be defined to be trained in informal and non-formal environments. The final reports “Success stories – compilation of game – based initiatives in adults´ education” and “Recommendations for the development of informal intercultural training itineraries” will be available in the “RESULTS” section.

Social game As a result, an innovative social game will be developed that promotes apprenticeship of intercultural competences of European adults, motivating them to take an active role and interact with other users, boosting key competences, such as digital socialization and media literacy in parallel.

Validation and project in social media We shall start the validation stage around January 2013. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to test our social game. Would you like to learn more about the testing stage or about the project? Write us a message at or stay updated and follow us in Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare or Youtube.

Playing for Interculturality