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What is Diversity Management

Today and din the future the success and sustainability of corporations will not depend exclusively on their size, financial resources and access to technology.
Neither will it depend on in reducing costs, re-structuring their workforce, pre-retirements and mergers which very frequently only magnify the problems and profitability of the organisations. El will depend, essentially, on the capacity of its peoples to manage the resources and process available with efficiency, in new scenarios of constant y exponential transformation. En global scenarios which basic nature is diversity.

Only groups of diverse profile of persons – whether demographic or organisational – working in teams, have the capability of optimising all the resources and systems of the organisations. Only teams of diverse human individual, well integrated, generate the necessary innovation and creativity to guarantee the sustainability of companies en the new global, competitive and diverse global markets.

Myrtha Casanova



Managers responsible for the Diversity inclusion policy in their organisations consider Diversity Management a business imperative. A policy which not only impacts present results but contribute to corporate sustainability towards to future. A diverse workforce is critical for the company to anticipate the changing needs of consumers, the evolution of technology, de demands of suppliers and the transformation of all stakeholders.

Leaders value highly the contribution the diversity inclusion and work/life programs regarding the increase in employee satisfaction, retention of talent and alignment. The projection of this policy to the external agents gain high visibility for a company that operates with high level of Social Responsibility.


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