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Work / Life Balance
The new social contract responds to new realities
The incorporation of women into the labour market…
the low birth index….
the ageing population with high levels of mobility
new transparent frontiers…
Are some of the factors that spurs the deep transformation of society and institutions. A change in priorities of individuals for whom time has three distinct spaces: professional, family and personal life. Companies and institutions, whether public or private, who want to keep high levels of efficiency, competition and sustainability in the new environment, must manage social culture as key component of their business policy.

Model to implement Work / Life policies

Work / Life balance and conciliation policies are today a corporate commitment towards the key clients of the company; its peoples. When money is not the dominant factor by which employees choose a company to work for, people prefer enterprises which gives them a supportive internal flexible climate that allows them to balances their TIMES. The implementation of Work / Life actions requires a systematic approach and a transversal process to guarantee the inclusion of ALL employees.


Keys of Work /Life and Conciliation policies

Diversity profile analysis of the company Human Resources

Work / Life policies analyse the visible and non-visible diversities of all the components of the Human Capital of the organisation.
It also takes into account the demographic diversities (gender, age, race, nationality of origin, disability, culture), as well as the organisational dimensions which condition the location, performance, responsibility and function of employees in their workplace

        Iceberg Diversity Profiles

Design Work/Life programs

The Corporate Work / Life balance policies offer to the entire population of employees a program package which should respond to the identified needs and priorities of the diverse profiles of its Human Resources; personal and professional.

       Work / Life Programs

Social and business benefits of Work / Life and conciliation programs

Conciliation programs have a qualitative measurable impact through employee surveys to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the employees; and a quantitative impact on corporate results which can be measured through cost/benefits analysis of the actions implemented within the policy.

        Benefits of Work / Life programs