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Managing Diversity implies communication
Diversity impacts all forms of carrying on business as well as the interaction between peoples. Presently, the capacity to survive of companies is directly related to the strategic value they give communications and the resources they allocate to it. Communications should therefore be considered a “result centre” which contributes to maximise corporate profits.

The objective of organisational communications is that of promoting a positive and coherent image of the company. Therefore the communication system not only should know how to sell products and services. All publics are opinion leaders and all, without exception, must receive the impact of the identity, image and information of the company.

The corporate communication system should necessarily incorporate all the stakeholders with a polity oriented to include the diversities of its clients, suppliers, community, institutions and society in general; but also its internal publics,- those persons who collaborate with and for the organisation, and who precisely because of their diverse profiles, are a highly valuable differential asset to the company.

Only when companies practice an efficient diversity inclusion policy towards its workforce, are truly capable of projecting externally its values and ethics toward the society in general