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The European Institute for Managing Diversity launches the Socio-occupational  Project “Colombia, A Gem for the World” in Colombian Mining Zones to encourage and invigorate community participation

"The change depends on you, we’ll accompany you!"


The socio-occupational project in Colombian mining zones is an initiative by the European Institute for Managing Diversity, an NGO to generate innovation, development and quality of life that contributes to sustainable growth.  The creation of School of Invigoration and Community Management and School of Associations will begin to train those responsible of the Community and to facilitate technical and methodology training to people of the area, so that they can become independent trainers, and that the people, the Community, can be independent and self-sufficient.

The socio-occupational project is based on various general principles that are going to guide it all throughout its development. Among these principles stand those of Community and Empowerment and Participation, as they pertain to an intervention that is aimed towards a specific Community, therefore the respect towards and knowledge about it is vital, as is the need to empower the people that live in the Community, so the maximum priority is to make the Community self-sufficient. Therefore, as a job strategy, the activity begins by deeply analyzing the situation of the Community, and so, the people of the Community are going to be made able to possess the correct skills and abilities so that by mid-term, the Community itself will be the one that assumes leadership and the execution of the activities.

With this goal, a series of measures are put into action, that qualify and prepare members of the Community to assume this responsibility, achieving this through the creation of different training resources called SCHOOLS: School of Invigoration and Community Management and School of Associations.

On the other hand, keeping in mind that the participation of the people that make up the Community is vital for the success of the project, communication channels will continuously be opened that collect the opinions and feelings of the citizens, relying on valid interlocutors, with the knowledge and skills to lead change from the Community itself.

After detecting the ideal people for this objective, a process of objective and independent interviews will begin, with the end goal of counting with a significant number of responsible people, set at 20/30. Once the process of interviewing everyone interested in participating in this first phase of the Plan has finalized, it is very possible that hundreds of interviews will be maintained.

Lastly, in the same way that the change and the community participation throughout the whole project is based on the people of the Community itself, in order to go through with the actions of occupational qualification and insertion, people of the Community will be relied on, facilitating the technological and methodological training in this programme so that they can become trainers and not depend on third parties.

The general objective is:

  • Improve the systems and communication channels inside of the community in the Community itself, and outside with the mining sector.
  • Awareness of the problems, the situation, identity and resources, and their collective use to resolve common problems.
  • Develop motivational elements, so that people can be capable of organizing themselves around what they perceive to be a goal of change.
  • Encourage self-management, using the Community’s own resources independently.
  • Form a group of instructors able to transmit the knowledge demanded by the training actions, with the right methodology.

The expected results are:

  • To count on an adequate communication system between the citizens and the mining sector.
  • Improve the social organization of the Community.
  • Promote the training and ability of the people responsible of the community, the people and families in a state of vulnerability, strengthening family and community perspective, self-management, participation, and co-responsibility, aiming towards total improvement of the social conditions of the Community.
  • Achieve a positive vision of the mining sector by the Community before the launch of the rest of the Programmes.
  • Qualify people who will be able to develop the training actions.